Flying drone

Drone Aerial Filming & Photography

RawCast Media provides drone aerial filming and photography solutions using our multi-rotor Unmanned Aircraft System which is capable of filming at up to 4K. We are specialists at capturing stunning aerial film & still images.

RawCast’s Drone pricing structure is extremely cost affective and the end results are absolutely magnificent.
We produce stunning aerial images and flyover films for estate agents who want to market homes that are at the ‘prestigious’ end of the property market.

RawCast Media is regularly commissioned by private homeowners, businesses and estates agents who need to capture photographs and film footage of their property portfolio.

Our aerial services are a cost effective solution for survey and valuation purposes as well as marketing activities and film productions.

Accredited for commercial aerial activities by the Civil Aviation Authority, our fully insured BNUC-S Pilot has completed the flights exams, ground school and operational training. RawCast Media operates it’s UAV safely and legally.

Our system is quick and easy to set up; from arrival onsite to getting in the air takes about 15 minutes! Prior to arrival and then before our Pilot takes off as well as throughout the flight, operational health and safety is an absolute priority.

Our Drone is super steady while operating in wind and does away with the need for scaffolding, ladders, cherry pickers or cranes.

After the flight operation has been completed you can instantly review the captured footage on location or we can immediately deliver the footage to you via secure FTP from location.

RawCast Media is fully accredited and insured to commercially operate it’s Drone camera solutions; our sophisticated flying platform will capture still or video footage at common broadcast standards and up to 4K.

RawCast Media’s fully certified BNUC-S Pilot has completed the comprehensive flight training program and passed all operational and flight exams to become a fully accredited Pilot. Approved by the CAA, RawCast Media has been granted ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ which means we have proven that we strictly comply to all flight safety and operational procedures needed while our Pilot commercially operates our Unmanned Aircraft System

To discuss our Drone camera platform call +44 7943 623 140 or email